The Guide to Safe Scouting requires at least two trained climbing instructors for every climbing activity. To support this requirement, the Council and the Climbing Committee are committed to provide training for prospective climbing instructors for unit level activities. 
Climbing instructor training is extensive, and requires two full weekends. These weekends are usually in April and May. The first weekend is “ground school”, with hands-on practice. The second weekend is a “practical” where you will go through set-ups, climbing, supervision, and emergency scenarios. The first weekend is usually held in the Portland area, while the second weekend is usually held at HorseThief Butte with camping at Maryhill State Park, WA. 

BSA Climbing Instructor Level II — April 8-10, April 22-14 REGISTER

Outdoor Skills Institute — Tower-specific Level 1 instructor — May 13-15 REGISTER