Meriwether Super Weekends — In the off-season, the Council opens up Camp Meriwether for a “summer camp for the weekend” — a SUPER weekend. Many of the same activities that you loved during the summer are staffed and available, including the Climbing Tower! The Climbing Committee usually staffs these events, usually enabling 60+ Scouts to enjoy the thrill and self-satisfaction of climbing up or rappelling down the 43-foot tower.

Natural Rock Climbing — The Climbing Committee will help your unit go climbing. That help can covers anything from finding an extra Instructor to add to your outing, to fully staffing and equipping a unit outing to a local rock venue. The best way to do this is to fill out the outing request form and we will get back to you quickly.

Climbing Merit Badge — We can also work with your unit to do the Climbing Merit Badge. This program usually consists of prep work at one or more unit meetings, an additional “ground school” where we go over most of the requirements that don’t actually require climbing, and a climbing event. The climbing event can be a separate event at a natural rock venue, a SuperWeekend (with careful planning), or even an event at a rock gym.

Summer Camp — The Climbing Committee provides oversight for the Council climbing programs. We review the plans and staff at the beginning of each season and debrief the staff at the end of the season. This oversight is an essential component of ensuring that our youth are safe at camp.

Climbing Instructor Training — Our training program has been certified by the Boy Scouts of America. We train both Level I and Level II instructors to the BSA standards and have also led the training at many of the National Camp School Climbing programs in the Northwest. Climbing instructors are essential to making climbing available to our youth in the program.