CPC’s Level 2 Climbing Instructor training has been peer-reviewed and approved by the BSA. The course is designed to allow a new instructor with the appropriate skills to achieve the Level 2 certification in one course. This is not a beginner course. We expect students to have prior climbing experience and understand both belaying and standard climbing practice. Experience climbing on natural rock is not required, though. Students who do not successfully demonstrate the necessary skills and proficiency to achieve Level 2 often earn the Level 1 certification and then go on to advance to Level 2 in subsequent years.

The Level 2 certification allows you to take Scouts climbing on natural rocks anywhere within the Council. This is a big responsibility and risk, and we do our best to ensure that you are ready to take on that responsibility before issuing a Level 2 card.

First Weekend — Ground School @ Camp Meriwether

The goal of the first weekend is to cover all of the theory and introduce the skills that you will need for the practical weekend. We will cover all of the basic skills, and the relevant BSA standards, as well as the theory and method necessary to become a successful BSA Level 2 Climbing Instructor. We will practice the skills in a safe setting that allows students to progress quickly from initiation to proficiency. We use the EDGE method throughout our training.

Second Weekend — Practical @ HorseThief Butte, WA

The second weekend is where you will practice and demonstrate mastery of the skills introduced in the Ground School. We split the students up into groups where you will build anchors, test them, critique them, and climb on them. You will ultimately practice all of the components of a successful outdoor climbing program during the weekend — including the pre-work before an outing, the site introductions, site management, risk management, route selection, anchor building, group management, leadership, and rescues.

Pre-requisites for the course

  1. Food Allergies and Preferences survey¬†is REQUIRED if you want to eat ūüôā
  2. Climbing background survey¬†— please fill out ASAP, especially if you are new to this program.¬†
  3. MUST DO before the training — bring proof of completion!
    1. Must be registered with the BSA
    2. Youth Protection training must be CURRENT. 
    3. Climb on Safely¬†— contains the BSA guidelines for Unit climbing.
    4. Hazardous Weather Training
    5. Class C Medical Form, signed by a doctor (for second weekend)

Materials to read up on are below. I have shared the folder with all of the handouts with you, so you have access to these and more. 

  1. Guide to Safe Scouting¬†and¬†Age appropriate Guidelines¬†— these are is the guide to what¬†can and can’t be done by Scouts
  2. BelayOn¬†— this is the manual for BSA Climbing. Some key sections to read up on before the training:¬†
    1. Challenge by Choice 
    2. EDGE method
    3. Leave no Trace
    4. Dealing with Fear
    5. Knots (pgs 78-81)
  3. MyPersonalGoals worksheet¬†— what are your goals for the training?¬†