This page is intended to tell Scout Leaders what they need to know when they register for one of the pre-scheduled INDOOR events that are listed on the Council website. If you still have questions, please check our FAQ page first. If that also doesn’t answer your question, don’t hesitate to reach out to Joe Davis at

Day of the Event information

Venue. Bay Club in Tualatin, OR (18120 SW Lower Boones Ferry Rd, Tigard, OR 97224). This location is one of the premier indoor climbing venues in the area. It has an extensive bouldering and climbing area. We only have access to the climbing area and the rest rooms, so please be respectful of a business and its patrons who are supporting Scouting!

Timing. This is a DAY event. The event usually begins at 12:30pm and continues until 4:30pm. Cubs will usually not last this long and should expect to conclude by 2:30-3pm.

Meals. Units are responsible for showing up well fed and ready for the day. Bring water bottles with you

Medical. We want to review Class 3 medical forms for your climbers before the events starts. Climbing is a high adventure activity can be dangerous and our instructors need to be aware of any relevant medical issues. If you are not able to meet this requirement, please contact us to discuss.

Special needs. Universal access is a guiding principle for BSA climbing. Our instructors are experienced working with many different types of special needs. Please contact us before the event with more information so that we can better prepare for a successful event with your Scouts.

Gear. We provide harnesses and helmets for 24 climbers. This is the reason for the 24-climber limit for the event. Personal harness and helmet can be used, subject to passing inspection by the climbing team. Personal hardware is not allowed.

Climbing Merit Badge and other training. It is easy to sign Scouts off for the climbing and rappelling requirements of the MB during the event. We have cards that we sign off that the Scout then takes to their MB Counselor. We are also happy to train Scouts how to belay and get them signed off for those as well. Our focus for the event will be on the over-all success for the unit, and only those Scouts who are already ready to demonstrate the skills are likely to complete all of the requirements during the event. If the whole unit wants to do the MB, we can discuss and possibly arrange, but this requires ground school training before the event, which is another set of commitments that have to be negotiated.

Unit-level pre-requisites. Every unit which comes participates in the event must fulfill the following training pre-requisites. One leader does not have to have all of the qualifications. These qualifications can be spread across multiple leaders.

  • 21 years of age
  • Completed Climb on Safely in the last 3 years
  • has current CPR training

Spectators. Non-climbing spectators are welcome. If they are within the climbing “bounce zone”, they will be required to wear helmets. If the spectators stay outside of the bounce zone, then they do not require helmets.

Photos. We love photos! We take lots of photos and are happy to share with you. We also appreciate your photos, too. When you post to social media, please add #cpcclimbing to your posts so that we can find them!

Instructions for Climbers

Climbers should know that one of the strongest principles for climbing in the BSA is “Challenge by Choice”. This means that success for the day is defined by each individual. For some, that may mean climbing every route. For some, that may mean putting on a harness and touching the wall. We work with climbers of all physical and mental abilities to have a successful and enjoyable day.

Each climber should bring

  • Good attitude
  • water bottle.
  • Appropriate clothing. No baggy clothing like basketball shorts. Shoes appropriate for hiking will work. Boots are actually better than running shoes, but running shoes work fine. Climbing shoes are not necessary. We may have some climbing shoes available, but they are not required for the Scouts to climb any of the routes that they will be attempting during this event.