Troop 797 Climbing @ HorseThief Butte

Troop 797 of Tigard, OR went climbing at HorseThief Butte, WA on May 15, 2021. We had a total of 13 climbers for the day, with 5 instructors. Trevor Horine and Liam Davis ran the event, with support from Bryce Horine, Jason Davis, and Joe Davis. We put up over 8 different routes during the day, including sites in the central cathedral and on the Columbia side. We finished up the day with the 75′ rappel on the Columbia side. The Troop provided an unforgettable lunch for the instructors as a thank you — Thank you!

We did have a slithery reptilian visitor along the entry corridor who kept us from climbing a few of the routes we set near there. He never really bothered anyone, but we decide to make sure that he wasn’t disturbed enough to ruin anyone’s day. Leave no trace.

At the end of the day, a fabulous day with a fabulous unit!


  1. Kirsten Crowley, SM Troop 797


    We are so grateful for an amazing day with an amazing team!

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